Glo Microcurrent Facial

Glo Microcurrent Facial

Glo Microcurrent Facial is a safe, non-invasive treatment that tightens, tones and lifts your delicate facial muscles without straining, injury, scarring or surgery. Benefits: 1. Tightens, tones & lifts facial muscles which support the skin tissue. 2. Improves complexion. 3. Immediate results after just one session: the facial contours are uplifted and toned, the complexion glows and you will experience a feeling of well-being after enjoying a relaxing and totally painless 70 minute pampering treatment. 4. Improves moisture retention in the skin. 5. Refines pores and oily skin. Physiological Action of Micro-current: Increases ATP production in the cell. Increases protein synthesis in the cell. Increases and stabilizes the ion exchange in the cell. Increases peripheral blood circulation, thus drainage of venous blood and lymph is facilitated. There is overall restoration of equilibrium and enhanced tissue repair takes place. Fine line elimination. Exfoliates the skin’s surface by de-attaching the dead skin cell. Softens the deepest wrinkles and reduces smile lines. Scar free – a genuine “face-lift” without surgery.


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