Glo Boutique Spa is proud and excited to carry The Horizon Diode Laser which is one of the most powerful diode lasers. It allows for more efficient and stronger treatments. It incorporates a Sup-Zero Cooling Tip which freezes and numbs pain receptors, allowing treatments to be performed at higher energy levels with virtually no pain. This ensures that treatments are safe, comfortable and optimally effective.


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What happens during Horizon laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal with the Horizon Diode laser involves using laser energy to disrupt your hair’s natural growth cycle. During treatments, your technician glides the handheld laser device over your treatment area. With each pulse of light, laser energy heats up your hair shaft and follicle, without burning or overheating your skin.

Once the laser energy eliminates the hair follicle, hair sheds out naturally on its own through your own hair growth cycle over 4 to 6 weeks. Each time your hair grows back — if and when it does — after your laser hair removal session, it’s finer, thinner, and much lighter than it was in the first place.

Which areas can be treated with laser hair removal?

You can get laser hair removal on your:

  • Facial, upper lip and chin hairs
  • Jawline and neck
  • Back, chest, abs, and stomach
  • Upper and lower legs
  • Bikini and Brazilian area
  • Arms and underarms
  • Laser hair removal is for both women and men


Is laser hair removal permanent?


Once treated hair is gone, it’s generally gone for good. Occasionally, new hair grows in, even though you’ve already been treated in the area. Usually, this occurs due to hormonal fluctuations, especially in women.

If you ever experience new hair growth in the treatment area in the future, you can always come back for quick touch-up sessions.

How many laser hair removal treatments do I need?

Generally, 80-90% of good candidates will need at least 4-8 laser sessions spaced 6-10 weeks apart to experience 80-90% hair reduction. The cycle of hair growth has three phases and is killed by laser in the active growing phase. 4 to 8 treatments are needed to target ALL hair in the active growth phase.

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